Thursday, August 12, 2004
  I updated my website today. It's still kind of dusty and shitty, but not embarrassingly so.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004
  Has this ever happened to you? You're sitting on the couch with your boyfriend, watching the TV. Or not so much watching. Then a Midol commercial comes on, kills the mood. You can't ignore it. Just the slightest hint of menstruation can permeate the atmosphere like a 3rd grader's SBD. Damn.

So this is how I ended up watching a Midol commercial. Three women at the beach, bitching about their periods. I assume they're all on their periods, although it beats the hell out of me what they're doing at the beach. So we learn that Midol can alleviate symptoms of PMS--cramping, bloating, headaches, dementia, etc., etc. Then, at the very end of the commercial comes the stinger. The women have packed up their stuff, and they're walking back to the Women's Shelter or whatever.

WOMAN #1: I'm really craving a brownie.

WOMAN #2: [to the third woman] Yup, she's menstrual!

ALL: Ha ha ha.

My god, I want to stick my head in a pot of boiling water.


Monday, August 02, 2004
  No Intent

I always make promises because I feel like I should be more accountable, and then I never fulfill those promises. Like when I said last week, "Yeah, I should have my work in my Thursday or Friday." And right now I'm procrastinating by blogging. Yep, the only time I blog is to avoid work. Late work.

I'm discussing with a friend The Triplets of Bellevue. To be fair, it was a clever and well-done little piece of entertainment. I know that by saying that I got really offended from the anti-Americanism in it, I sound like I've got a stick up my ass. Maybe I do. But the keystone of the movie was a group of American jazz singers that swept the world with their hit jazz number. It's a good song. Those French can do the American thing right. But how can they ridicule the very same culture they borrow traditions from? I have a good point, I believe. This is why I will not support the movie. So they can borrow what little they see right about America and shun the rest? Hmph.

Anyway, I should see about getting this work done maybe.


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